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How Graphic design differs from visual arts

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Graphic design is the art of communication which uses visual communication for problem-solving assessment. It includes typography, photography and illustration, visual arts and page layout techniques. It is known to have involved visual communication and communication design. Graphic design is its denotation. It is obvious that graphic design is symbolic. It is popular to be able to express ideas and to represent messages via symbols, images, and text. It represents key figures very well.  Its application is corporate designing, editorial designing, environmental designing, communication design.

Nowadays it is being used in logos and branding, magazines, newspapers and books, advertising and packaging and even in web designing. All such visual compositions are part of graphic design. This term was first used in 1922 by William Addison Dwiggins. All credits should be given to him to coin such a concept in the history of art. It has relations to caves of Lascaux, Rome’s Trajan’s Column, illuminated manuscripts etc from the grassroots level.

Egyptians used hieroglyphics to communicate in 136 B.C. They used picture symbols to express their views. They even introduced papyrus into the world. This invention took place only to transcribe advertisements. Papyrus is just paper which is made from reeds. These reeds were found along the Nile. The time between 500 AD and 1450 AD i.e. Dark Ages has experienced a lot in this regard.


An art including painting and sculpture


Visual arts, on the contrary, are the art forms which include drawing and painting, ceramics and sculpture, photography and filmmaking. It is comprised of printmaking, design, craft and much more. Sometimes artistic disciplines are also involved in it. Those artistic disciplines are performing arts, conceptual art, textile arts. Architecture is also considered as its part. Some of the applied arts of visual arts are industrial design, graphic design, fashion design etc. Nowadays it is being used as fine arts. Fine art is a form of applied and decorative.

Printmaking, design, crafts, and video are the common form of the visual art form being used today. Interior design is also very common today. Earlier the term ‘artist’ was confined to people engaged in fine arts only i.e. painting, sculpture, or printmaking. Persons belonging to handicraft, craft, or applied art media did not get such recognition. It is the happening of the 20th century before the Arts and Crafts movement in Britain.

Many became victims of such restriction but many warriors became victor as well. With the introduction of arts and Crafts Movement, many art schools took the initiative to maintain the decorum of artisans. They made a distinction between the fine arts and the crafts so that craftsperson could not be considered a practitioner of the arts. In Western art as well as East Asian art, imagination power of artists has been known to be of the highest degree. Then The Western hierarchy of genres reflected similar attitudes. All this had been given very much importance to the artistic work of a person.


One of the beautiful visual arts painting


As far as graphic design, as well as visual art, is concerned, variations are there. There is the difference between these two amazing art forms. It has a theme for debate since a long time. The similarity is that both art forms take place only through the intellectual process of the artist. The artists and designers, though, compose knowledge-based visual but the distinction is there. Every designer is an artist but every artist is not a designer. The pinpointing difference is quite tricky. The motivation and intention of art and design have been the initial point of differentiation. There is a fine line of differentiation between them which should be discussed.

Brilliant graphics designing


From creativity point of view, Design work requires a pre-existing message. It can be a strapline, a logo or a call to action whereas an artwork is an act of expressing a completely new idea. It is known to have succeeded in developing an emotional bond between the artist and their audience. As far as motivation and inspiration are considered, a designer always focuses on communicating a pre-existing message and artist, on its contrary, an artist inspires a feeling. A designer intends to motivate spectators but an artist believes out the reality and that too in a realistic way. He only focuses on emotional feedback.


Translation also brings out the difference between the art forms. Designers work to apprehend audience while an artist works with less connectivity. This is why users generally manipulate the creation of an artist. It always depends on the mindset, experience, point of view and opinion of the viewer which is the basis for the explanation. A designer’s creation can never be interpreted very differently by the viewer. The next basis of differentiation can be said to be style.

Many designers have created their own style and they have made their mark. They have been versatile throughout their life. It has been proved many times that design is a skill which can be taught and developed. Art, on the other hand, cannot be taught. It can only be gifted by God. Here an only blessed person can acquire skills in art. As far as public opinion is considered, the artwork of immortal nature is assumed to be genuine whereas designs are said to be of personal taste.


An expressive painting


The design is what a person makes but art is what a person observes. Its beauty can only be seen but can never be explained. Good Art Is Interpreted and good Design Is Understood. A design need not explained as it is clearly understandable but art even explained is of no use.


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