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The Futuristic Movement in Art

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The time between 1909- 1914 is one of the unforgettable times in the history of art. The reason is none other than ‘The futurism art movement’ which led to the development of many artistic styles. It was an absolute Italian modern art movement. Every modern art development has led to the introduction of some artistic styles and developments in art but the futurism movement is assumed to bring the translating ideas into the visual art. Futurism also called ‘Futurismo’ in Italian is artistic cum social movement in the modern art history. It had agility, technique, aggression, and definitely youth. Along with it, many other movements also took place in Russia, England and Belgium. But amidst various movements, this Italian movement succeeded in making its mark. It had a variety of designs like interior designing, industrial designing, urban designing and also graphic designing. Along with them, it had textiles, literature, architecture, and painting. It had everything an art possess but what accorded it appreciation across the world was ‘The Futuristic meals’.


Paintings by ‘The Futurist Artist’


This movement had personalities like Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Umberto Boccioni, Carlo Carra and much more. Besides many contributions, the credit should be given to cubism which led to the

The amazing artworks of the movement were ‘Manifesto of Futurism’ by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, ‘Unique Forms of Continuity in Space’ by Umberto Boccioni and ‘Abstract Speed+ Sound’ by Balla. Many art forms like Art Deco, Constructivism, and Surrealism etc were the result of this Italian movement.

It was 20th February 1909 when the ‘Futuristic Manifesto’ was published on the front page of Le Figaro. ‘Le Figaro’ was the most circulated newspaper in France of that time. The ‘Futuristic Manifesto’ was the masterwork by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. It led to the beginning of the Italian movement, ‘the Futuristic movement’. It focused on inculcating modern ideas in newcomers via communicating various ideas. Many artists wanted to change their artwork into a modern and figurative piece. It included artists like Umberto Boccioni, Giacomo Balla, and Carlo Carra etc. All of them got space and place because of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. In next few years, this movement was spread throughout the country. The specialty of this art movement was that it was not at all confined to paintings only. It had creativity, textiles, ceramics, industrial design etc. Every step was taken to introduce future ideas in the visual art. All this took place successfully in 1910 when ‘Manifesto of the Futurist Painters’ got published. It is considered as an important step in the movement as it influenced many young painters. Many painters started participating and contributing to the world. They were now able to execute translating ideas into the visual art.


Painting depicting transformation of ideas in art


At that time, when art was prepared keeping in view only eyesight, the futuristic movement took place in order to make sensational creations which should reach not only eyes but also noise, heat, and mind. Many modern art movements were immediately recognized as distinctive ones like Impressionism and Pointillism. The futuristic movement didn’t get any such identification early. It was in the year 1911 the Futuristic style got distinctively emerged. It was only because of Cubist‘s initiative and influential measures. It included Symbolism and Divisionism as well.

Many times, the movement took steps in order to awestruck people. It was connected to art from grass root level but it also had connections and networks in politics. It was considered that this movement has been started to bring revolution in art history but its primary aim was to shock people. To bring revolution in the history of art was its secondary aim.

The artists involved in the movement loved to be called the Futurist painters. They started engaging more in this movement and they took initiatives to bring more meaning to their artworks. In the very beginning, the movement used the concept of Divisionism. This artwork is known for having a presence of dots and strips. All of them were made up of pure colors only. Later the movement obtained the aid from Cubist painters. This incident took place in 1911. Then the future artists started taking help from cubists painters. They analyzed and coordinated together and tried to bring out something fresh and impressive. They named it as ‘The force lines’.

Though the artists were very much influenced, their artworks started showing the techniques of Cubists. But none of them were similar as that of Picasso and Braque. The movement was going well but it received speed with the Cubists static analytical works. Everyone was grateful for such drastic development.


Painting expressing brush strokes


The Futuristic movement is considered as one of the most important Italian avant-garde art movement. It successfully took place in the 20th century. Though this movement took place because of traditional desires, it received advanced technology and modernization soon. Later, new members tried to destroy the old cultural forms. Their reason was that they wanted only modern beauty to retain in the movement and thus they wanted to damage the traditional art form. They wanted to transform. The Italian movement was then following post-impressionism but the artists led to bring the change in this revolutionary movement. The artists were so happy that they celebrated First World War.

Severini is one of the typical art forms of the movement. It was present in Divisionism. It had stippled dots and stripes broken into several light colors. Another work ‘Pointillist’ was also given much respect. It was the creation of Georges Seurat. In 1911, the paintings by futurist artists were exhibited for the first time. This exhibition was titled as ‘for people who want to introduce something new in the art culture. The paintings were fabulous. They had threadlike brushstrokes which featured highly expressive colors.


One of the exhibited paintings in museum


The futurists worked very hard to bring out innovation in the art culture. They tried their level best to make this movement a successful one. Their strategies worked and the most important Italian movement, the Futurist movement, got ultimate identification and support throughout the world.


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