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10 reasons why Modern art is trending today

Random yet creatively aligned strokes by an artist’s paintbrush can altogether create magic on canvas. As modern art is widely practiced today, is one of the most fluent ways of expression through painting. It is complex yet a strikingly attractive execution of our imagination. The subconscious mind playing a major role in their art, is actively explored by the artist. Dreams and symbolism are illustrated on canvas adding a mystic element to this new yet trending art form. The freedom of expression in this manner is a redefining experience for anyone.

Modern art can into existence in the 19th century in western Europe when artists started experimenting with simple objects in daily life. Although earlier, real life was executed in paintings, things took a turn slowly as art started getting the privilege of imaginative creativity. Many artists from over the continent, including portraitists and classic painters, for example, Gustave Courbet and Henri Fantin-Latour, made works that planned to depict individuals and circumstances impartially, flaws and all, as opposed to making a glorified interpretation of the subject.


1- The Freedom to Express Art


Isn’t it beautiful to freely express your emotions? Whether it is art or any part of daily life, a free soul produces an outburst of various emotions. Modern art ignites the same in an artist. Vulnerability in art creates an unidentified connection of the artwork with the observer. That fluently flowing brush stroke does make an impact!  When we get this freedom the fascinating part is the diversity of work which can be produced.


2- Unknown elements depicting mystery



A hint of mystery in any painting is fun to decode. We can use our own imagination. An unexplored element is what strikes the ever bouncy human mind.

Imagine if all of the paintings you saw had nothing specific that you would want to understand. If it was monotonous it would be boring. The human mind craves for something new, something mysterious, something adventurous! Why not consider some mystery as the ‘fun element’ in art too?


3- Exploring our imagination



Imagination is boundless and priceless! The depths of an artist’s imagination is way beyond the stars. Sometimes it is an impulsive outcome of various emotions and sometimes symbolic. Modern art the activates the nerve of imagination in an artist and also the observer. The transient change in today’s world is due to the necessity of living freely in the chaos.


4- The artist’s Subconscious comes into play



The essence of Modern art is the artist’s subconscious. As complex and unique each one’s mind is, so is the outcome of our dramatic subconscious through these paintings. It may seem vague, but as u observe closer these are not just random strokes but the subconscious coming into play. The beauty of art lies in the eyes of the appreciator. You don’t need to understand it, you just need to explore its ambiguity.


5- New found patterns



Dreams interpretation and symbolic patterns are depicted in Modern art. Contemporary artworks display a lot of modern patterns and themes with a bright and impactful colors. These patterns in paintings are so charismatic, that it immediately attracts the observer. This multifaceted fine artwork is truly a wonder. Art lovers can sense the connection to these newly discovered patterns.


6- Uniqueness in Artworks



“It’s something that is made with creative energy and an attitude that is cheerful or that communicates essential thoughts or sentiments.” These are the general population who have communicated their one of a kind perspective in a candidly convincing way. Their works are not just pivotal, pushing the limits of craftsmanship forward, they’re inventive, influencing us to accept, if only for a minute, that the sky is the limit.


7- An undefined form of art



After the 18th century when artists started to explore their own creativity, came into existence these modern art forms practiced until today. Modern art has no exact definition, yet has a unique style of its own. This mode of communication occurred when artists observed the pristine moments in daily life. The parts of life which are always in front of us, but never paid attention to. This element of Modern art strikes a cord with the appreciator.


8- A display of Global and Cultural affairs



With the ever increasing events in today’s world, humanity requires a reminder of the repercussions. Contemporary art describes these Global and cultural affairs in an amusing way. Thus, Pop Art likewise workmanship helped shape Conceptualism, which battled against the possibility of craftsmanship as an item. In spite of the fact that this trial development of art is established in the mid 21st century, it rose as a formal development in the 1960s and remains as a noteworthy contemporary workmanship development today.


9- Raw expressions of imagination



The rawness in modern art makes it intriguing and diversified. Though overwhelming at times, this exhibits a virgin element to the artwork. The emotions are unadulterated, the naturalistic beauty of it increases. With no playfulness wouldn’t the world be a place full of dull maniacs? Bringing out the naive expressions of imagination is trendy and is consistently in fashion. Anyone and everyone can be an artist and modern art grants the pleasure for all to express themselves.

10- Bright and bold colour palette



Colors are the essence of life! Without which we would be in only black and white. Unimaginable as it seems, life will never lose its charm due to the presence of colors all around us. Modern art is presented with a wide variety of bold and beautiful color palette. Majestic paints and hues manifest the artist’s imagination into reality. Picturesque colors such as Burnt Siena, Lemon yellow, Magenta, Vermillion, Bold blues etc. are just a few artistic names for the paints used in Modern art paintings.

2 Responses
  • Mitchell Raine
    August 16, 2019

    Thanks for sharing such a piece of valuable information. Modern art is an expression that outshines culture, people and time. As I am also related to this business and it’s the platform to get new and innovative ideas. Great job!

  • Violet Holder
    November 28, 2019

    This visual display of examples makes learning easy. Thank you.

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